Scale Formation

Hard water without water softener causes a scale formation on your home appliances; they are made up of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which is very hard to remove over a period. Households with water softeners are tending to be less affected with these issues as they replace the calcium & magnesium ions with sodium & potassium ions.

Dry Skin & Hair

Hard water can actually cause itchy dry skin and hair because the hard water contains large amount of calcium & magnesium ions. The lack of moisture in hair & skin with high levels of hard minerals can also mess with the hydration and pH balance of your skin which could potentially cause breakouts in skin and hair. This eventually leads to hair loss. These problems can be rectified by the hard water softeners which are available from the market.

Faded Clothes

Have you ever wondered why your clothes are faded, which aren’t to be the reason is very simple its because of hard water which is used for washing clothes. The hard water materials leave the traces of substances which makes the clothes looking dull. Houses equipped with hard water softeners have the lesser impact of the hard water problems.

Electricity Bill

Households with hard waters forms a scale formation in the plumbing systems with eventually increases the electricity bill when compared to the households with water softeners. The scale formation draws more electrical energy to heat up the water to the required temperature. This in turn gradually increases the electricity bills of your fortune.

Strains in Sinks

Pro longed usage of hard water forms the strains in sinks & bathtubs which is very hard to remove over a period. These strains are formed by calcium & magnesium products which is very hard to remove. To rectify these issues usage of soft water is the effective and efficient way, water softeners comes in handy to resolve these issues, which are caused by the hard water.




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