Water Level Controller for Tank Applications 

Introduction: The issue of water shortage is arriving at alarming proportions and it may very soon attain the nature of global crisis. Along these lines, it is basic to save water assets and prevent adverse scarcity. In numerous mechanical and commercial conditions, the water tanks are typically fed with an electric pump that is turned … Continue reading Water Level Controller for Tank Applications 

Advantages Of Water Level Indicators

Advantages Of Water Level Indicators There are numerous preferences of water level controls, likewise water level pointers, including: Power Saver Living in an age where we should be increasingly aware of the energy that we use, a water level controller is perfect at sparing force. Typically, directing water levels can expend power and wast water. However, … Continue reading Advantages Of Water Level Indicators

Importance Of Water Softener In Life

You know water is the element which gives life. But it’s very important to make sure that water is as healthy as it can be. The process of water softening is essential to extending the lifetime of plumbing and making more compatible with soap. Soft water is also gentle, beautifying and enriching. It’s also helpful … Continue reading Importance Of Water Softener In Life


Scale Formation Hard water without water softener causes a scale formation on your home appliances; they are made up of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which is very hard to remove over a period. Households with water softeners are tending to be less affected with these issues as they replace the calcium & magnesium ions with … Continue reading 5 SIGNS YOU NEED A WATER SOFTENER